Vision & Mission

Customer satisfaction

It is our primary goal to understand the expectations and the demands of our clients, which is ensured by means of individual consultation and planning. The quality of our products and services, the safety of our production facilities and our conduct, and our respectful treatment of the environment constitute the foundation of Donau Kanol's economic success.


Our employees are our most important resource. Integral and sustainable environmental protection is achieved by the cooperation of all employees. We want to promote good qualitative and environmental performance as well as foresighted thinking and conduct on own responsibility by specific training and transfer of corresponding competences. The personal goal of our employees is to adhere to agreements, and to continuously improve the quality of our products and conduct in a measurable way. In regard to strategic considerations of the owner, long-term social thinking is among other things decisive .


Our suppliers are reliable companies that provide us properly with quality products. In close contact with our clients, we make an effort to innovatively and flexibly enhance processes jointly, find synergies and build up integrated systems. We inform about the proper use of our products, try hard to get safe transports on time and help with the recycling.

Public authorities

Adherence to pertinent legal provisions and technical guidelines is ensured as minimum requirement. Donau Kanol works constructively together with the general public, public authorities and interest groups, and takes national and international norms and laws into account to thereby build up trust.

Communication and environmental consciousness

Company-internal as well as -external suggestions for improvements are welcomed and put into practice if possible. Waste reduction, waste separation, ressource-conserving manufacturing as well as the consideration of implementing energy-saving measures are our principles of conduct. Thus, we make our contribution to the active environmental protection. The basic principle recycling economy as well as an environmentally-friendly use of chemicals are in the foreground of DONAU-Kanol.

Production facilities

Our machines and production facilities are run according to the regulations and correspond to the best available state of technology. This is continuously guaranteed by regular checks. Safety, environment and quality are the three pillars of our company. We comply with these as we have made the responsible conduct to our principle and prime objective. In our plants and sites, a universal, with all matters coordinated security system provides for the necessary protection of people and the environment.


Defects in quality and environment must no way be accepted. Weak points are preventatively captured, analyzed and counteracted by means of corresponding measures. Regularly carried out system checks enable the control of effectiveness and keeping of these measures.
By setting environmental targets we commit ourselves to continuous improvement and prevention of environmental damage.


Our ethical goal is to arrange the economic future of Donau Kanol successfully, and simultaneously safely and ecologically aware. We focus on letting sincerity and fairness determine our conduct in everyday work, and that integrity and ethical behavior is actively lived towards all employees, clients and suppliers.
Every employee is in his area of responsibility accountable for the realization of this policy.


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